Which “Field to Vase” Dinner Will You Attend?

“Farm to Fork.” It continues to be the rage.

Events are created for it, restaurants are themed around it, even the White House has their own kitchen garden that communicates the merits of freshness, quality and just knowing where your food comes from.

…but what about the flowers?


From the White House to the average house, how do we help communicate to consumers those same values and virtues they find in buying and featuring locally grown food, can also be found in the flowers they buy.

How do we translate this momentum for “farm to fork” in such a way that helps people ensure that the flowers at the center of the table are as fresh, local and sustainable as the food on their plates?

Enter, the 2015 American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour.

Working with the Certified American Grown flowers campaign, the California Cut Flower Commission is helping to sponsor a series of 10 dinners in 2015 to help translate the “farm to fork” message to support locally grown flowers. This “field to vase” concept provides a perfect translation to help connect the dots with caring consumers who want to know where the flowers they buy are coming from.

But will people come?

Yes! In fact, our first dinner in Carpinteria at Westland Orchids is oversold. We have more people wanting to come than we have seats. This, of course, is a great problem to have.

Over 100 people will be dining on locally grown fare while we celebrate American Grown flowers as the centerpiece of every conversation.

The good news is that the tour is coming to a city near you. From San Diego to Brooklyn to Washington DC, please visit the schedule and see which dinner you’d like to attend and “Save Your Seat” today.

These seats will go fast.

Which dinner would you like to attend?


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2 thoughts on “Which “Field to Vase” Dinner Will You Attend?

  1. Your sentiments captured the spirit of community and the mood of excitement that was experienced at the first “Field to Vase” dinner last night, Kasey.

    I am thrilled to be part of the team that is producing such a dynamic, flower-centric dinner series — and proud that Slow Flowers is a sponsor.

    Kudos to SlowFlowers.com member Margaret Lloyd of Margaret Joan Florals for using all local flowers and foliage as the guest floral designer! #f2v #cagrown #americangrown #localflowers #slowflowers #originmatters