Waving the Flag at WFFSA

Certified American Grown promotes America's flower farmers at annual conference

This year’s annual Wholesale Florist & Floral Supply Association (WFFSA) conference was held at the Miami Airport Convention Center and Certified American Grown was there in a big way.


Certified American Grown farms stand with the all American Grown American Flag during the WFFSA reception on Wednesday night. Pictured left to right Ben Dobbe of Holland America Flowers, Nicollete Wakefield of Holland America Flowers, John Donati of Ocean View Flowers, Jana Wilcox of Ocean View Flowers, David Register of Fern Trust, Eddie Espinoza of Green Valley Flowers, Kasey Cronquist of Certified American Grown, Misty Welborn of Mellano & Company, Mike M. Mellano of Mellano & Company and F.J. Trzuskowski of Continental Floral Greens.

The Certified American Grown farms rallied to promote the American Grown program to the nation’s wholesalers in attendance at this year’s WFFSA conference.

The 8′ x 12′ flag was designed by Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers in Statesboro, Georgia and stood proudly in the lobby of the conference registration area for all to see.

Designer Christy Hulsey of the Colonial House of Flowers.

Designer Christy Hulsey of the Colonial House of Flowers.

It was a beautiful piece and enjoyed by many people who took their picture with it throughout the week.


Thank you to Mellano & CompanySun Valley Floral Farms, Ocean View Flowers, Holland America Flowers, Green Valley Floral, California Pajarosa and Eufloria for helping to provide the sponsorship and flowers necessary to create a beautiful American flag made of 100 percent Certified American Grown Flowers.

More information about the Certified American Grown Flowers program can be found at AmericanGrownFlowers.org. And if you haven’t heard about this opportunity yet, consider coming to one of our Field to Vase Dinners. These dinners are an amazing experience for those wanting to experience and connect with life on a flower farm.

Read more about this project on AmericanFlowersWeek.com: http://bit.ly/AGFlowerFlag 

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