[Video] Why “CA Grown” Matters

If there were to be a renaissance in the flower industry, it would be to bring back American grown flowers.

A recent nationwide survey of 1,000 consumers found that 74% of people who bought flowers did not know where the flowers they purchased were grown.

Yet, in that same nationwide survey, we learned that 58% of consumers would prefer to buy CA Grown flowers over those imported, if given a choice. So, apparently where flowers come from does matter to a majority of people.

These desires by consumers to buy more locally grown blooms has inspired the creation of flower farm tours like the ones in Carpinteria, Monterey, Nipomo, Carlsbad and Arcata to help educate consumers on American Grown benefits such as the economy, sustainability standards and freshness.

This video was recently produced by the California Department of Food & Agriculture in conjunction with the Buy California Marketing Agreement and provides some excellent industry background information, consumer and farmer interviews and stunning shots of the flowers grown here in the Golden State.

An entire series dedicated to exploring the flower fields and farms of California was produced in 2011 and 2012 by J Schwanke of uBloom.com. Those videos can also be found on J’s Vimeo page:

Do you look for American Grown flowers when you buy your flowers?

What can U.S. flower farmers be doing to help concerned consumers better identify where their flowers come from?

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