VIDEO: Farmers Encouraging Farmers To Go To Washington

Advocating for Change

Last year’s delegation was one of our largest, if not the largest group of farmers we took to Washington, D.C. It was a great group and their advocacy made a difference.

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Over the year’s, flower farmers across the country have worked together to establish a dedicated group of representatives in the House who acknowledge their care and support for America’s flower farmers through their membership in the Congressional Cut Flower Caucus. We’ve also helped to significantly raise the profile on flower farmer issues and opportunities to the highest levels at U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Julia Ortiz and I during at our annual reception in Washington, D.C.

Last year, Julia Ortiz of Joseph & Sons in Santa Paula, California, attended the trip. She was very impressed, and shared that the only disappointment she felt was that the delegation of flower farmers wasn’t larger. She went on to say she believed more farmers needed to see this effort firsthand to understand the work that’s going on and how important it is to the farms.

Juan Carlos Aguilar of Dramm & Echter with Bruce Brady of Mellano & Co.

So, how did I respond?

I asked her to invite more farmers to be a part of this annual effort. Together, we recorded this quick video in the halls of Congress. I also grabbed Juan Carlos Aguilar of Dramm & Echter in Encinitas, California, and asked that he share his “first timer” perspective of the trip. Bottom line, they both want to encourage more farmers from throughout the U.S. to join them and the effort underway for American Grown Flowers in Washington, D.C.

Join Julia, Juan Carlos and the rest of your fellow flower farmers this year in Washington, D.C.! Don’t wait, register today!

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