The Sylvia Cup: 3 Award Winning Designs with California Grown Flowers

For the fourth consecutive year, the flower farmers of California have sponsored the annual Sylvia Cup Design Competition held during the Society of American Florists‘ annual Convention.  As  the exclusive fresh flower sponsor of the event, the California Cut Flower Commission works to facilitate the contribution of fresh flowers directly from our family farms that are used by the designers competing to win the coveted Sylvia Cup.  All of the flowers and greens used during the design contest are grown in California.

The giving of the Cup! I had the privilege of presenting the Sylvia Cup to Joyce Mason-Monheim, AIFD, AZMF, PFCI for her outstanding award winning floral design, designed exclusively with 100% CA Grown flowers and greens!

Because of the Sylvia Cup’s rich tradition as the longest running live, national, annual floral design competition, this event is a great opportunity to showcase how America’s best flowers can be paired with America’s best designers for award winning results.

This year’s competition was fierce with 24 outstanding design professionals hailing from all corners of our country to compete for the Cup.  However, when the petals settled and the knives were down, only three were invited to take the stage and only one took home this year’s Sylvia Cup.

Here are the top 3 award winning designs for the 2013 Sylvia Cup Design Competition:

BJ Dyer, AAF, AIFD, of Bouquets in Denver, was named second runner-up.

BJ Dyers’ award winning design (on right) on display in the reception hall during SAF’s Award’s Night Banquet.

Jacob McCall, AAF, AIFD, FSMD of Miami, Fla., was named first runner-up.

Jacob McCall’s award winning design (on right) on display in the reception hall during SAF’s Award’s Night Banquet

Joyce Mason-Monheim, AIFD, AZMF, PFCI, of Designer Destination in Tucson, AZ, won the 46th Annual Sylvia Cup Design Competition on Sept. 21 during SAF Phoenix 2013.

Joyce Mason-Monheim’s AIFD, AZMF, PFCI award winning designs on display in the reception hall during SAF’s Award’s Night Banquet

Congratulations to BJ, Jacob and Joyce on their outstanding performance and on their beautiful work with our California Grown Flowers!  It’s always inspirational to see what creative designs come together when using #AmericanGrown flowers!

This year’s award winners on stage with Sylvia Cup sponsors,’ (from left to right) Smithers-Oasis’ Jacque Sir Louis, first runner up Jacob McCall, AAF, AIFD, FSMD, Sylvia Cup winner Joyce Mason-Monheim, AIFD, AZMF, PFCI, second runner up winner BJ Dyer, AAF, AIFD and CCFC CEO/Ambassador Kasey Cronquist, PFCI.

I want to also acknowledge and thank the volunteer leadership from Professional Floral Communicators International (PFCI) who work to make sure this event is a success for the contestants and the sponsors.  Thank you to (pictured below left to right) Lisa Weddel, Susan WilkeVince Butera, Damon Samuel, Heather de Kok and Brian Wheat for all their hard work, in making this the best Sylvia Cup to date!

The event would not have happened without the dedication of this team of volunteers from the Professional Floral Communicators International who made sure all the magic happened!

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Would you like to see more images and designs from all this year’s Sylvia Cup contestants?  Click here 

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