The Halo Effect

"CA Grown" Floor Graphic.

Cut flower farmers of California should take great pride in the effort that has been made in establishing the “CA Grown” brand with consumers.

Recently, I learned that the cost to develop just the “CA Grown” logo that everyone uses today was $300k.  And that was in 2001.  Since then, millions of dollars have been spent in promotion of the brand by the Buy California Marketing Agreement.  When you leverage those promotion dollars against the promotion efforts of individual commissions and farms, you’ve really made a mark, literally.

Cart Signage at select mass markets.

While our flower farms continue to lead the way with deploying the use of the brand, past, current and future campaigns by BCMA make a difference.  Seeing the brand on tomatoes helps our flower farms.  Seeing the brand on blueberries helps our flower farms. Onions, t-shirts, commercials, billboards…

BCMA is just concluding a $450k grant that helped promote the brand in select stores, videos, radio commercials through a specialty crop block grant.  These additional promotional efforts make a difference and creates a “halo effect” for our farms and the retailers that take advantage of this brand for flowers at the retail level.

Ultimately, it helps consumers get more of what they really want, locally grown, California Grown Flowers.

So enjoy that “halo effect!”  It makes a difference!

What other benefits do you identify with, when you think of labeling California Grown Flowers, “CA Grown?”

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California Grown Flowers are America's Flowers!

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