Thank You Rose Parade Ambassadors

Farmers Speak to Thousands During 'Deco Week'

Every year, I seem to forget what a powerful opportunity the Tournament of Roses Parade is for driving awareness for California Grown flowers, until I’m back in Pasadena watching our farmers working the crowd and talking about flowers.

It’s amazing, and we simply couldn’t do this without the volunteer commitment of our farmers.

We’re not talking to hundreds of people, we’re talking to thousands. Sharing California’s passion for flower farming in the Golden State.

We handed out so many CA Grown stickers to people who had questions, comments and appreciation for what California farmers do to bring flowers to market. Our farms donated over 54,000 stems of flowers for Cal Poly’s float, and it turned out beautifully.

Thank you to all of our farmer ambassadors who came out to talk about California Grown flowers and their passion for flower farming. It made a difference. Hundreds and hundreds of people from Pennsylvania (Penn State University is in the Rose Bowl) learned a lot about where America’s flowers come from this past week because of this effort to educate.

A big thank you to Ashley Nally of CallaCo and Linda G. with Mobi’s for their leadership in organizing the volunteers. Thank you Anna Kalins and Andrea Philpot for helping make sure we kept the wheels on the bus this year between our promotion efforts and our California Grown certification ceremonies. Everything came together wonderfully.

CallaCo’s Ashley Nally, a CCFC Promotion Committee member.

Today is the Rose Parade. I’m confident that we have some California Grown award winners. Cheers to a promising 2017.

A proudly displayed CA Grown license plate was affixed to the back of Cal Poly’s float this year. Photo by Keith Humphrey, VP of Cal Poly Student Affairs.

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