See How Our Farms Are Waving The Flag For American Grown Flowers During July

Certified American Grown Flower Farmers Are Waving The Flag For Their Flowers In Lots of Ways

Certified American Grown farms continue to help wave the flag and show their pride for being a part of the growing consumer demand for homegrown blooms. Certified farm Eufloria Flowers recently launched their beautifully

Eufloria sleeves its roses with the Certified American Grown brand to help highlight how special their roses are in today’s floral market. Less than 1 percent of all roses in the market are able to display this brand.

redesigned website featuring their roses and the pride in their membership with Certified American Grown. That pride extends to their sleeves where their Certified American Grown Flowers logo is displayed proudly alongside their company logo for consumers to see, appreciate and support.

Adoption of the brand by Certified American Grown flower farms has helped make Certified American Grown the most recognizable consumer-facing brand in the floral industry. Today, millions of stems of homegrown flowers are being Certified American Grown and more and more of our Certified farms are sharing their pride for the program by placing the brand on flower boxes, flower sleeves, websites, email signature blocks, etc. One farm painted the logo on the side of one of their barns!

Smile Farms in New York is proud to be Certified American Grown!

Congress recently declared July as “American Grown Flowers Month,” helping to further the effort to increase the public’s awareness on why buying American Grown Flowers and supporting America’s flower farming families is so important. Origin matters. It does. And it is great to see more and more people finding that they can support our farms and find American Grown Flowers, thanks to the collaborative effort of farms who are using the Certified American Grown brand to help make that connection with flower lovers.

Check out all of these great examples of our farms doing their part to wave the flag for Certified American Grown Flowers.

Glad-A-Way Gardens is proud to wave the flag for Certified American Grown.

Texas Specialty Cut Flowers shares its pride right on their sleeves.

Sun Valley Floral Farms promotes its homegrown tulips using the Certified American Grown brand.

Summer Dreams Farms in Oxnard, Michigan, showing its pride on its website.

Truck wraps! You bet! Fox Hollow Peonies shows off their pride wherever they drive.


California Pajarosa let’s everyone know they are Certified American Grown right there on its homepage!


Certified American Grown Council member Rita Jo Shoultz takes her responsibility to spread the news with every email she sends. Check out her signature block!


We love this! Fellow Certified flower farmers using social media to highlight and support other Certified flower farmers.

A great in-store display at a Raley’s in Northern California by Kendall Farms of Fallbrook, California.

Alaska Beauty Peony Co-op is proud to be Certified, so it says on its website.


Janet Louie of Green Valley Floral highlights its pride on their website too!

Mellano & Company getting social with their pride for Certified American Grown Flowers on Instagram.

These are just some of the examples you can find out there from our farms highlighting their pride and working together to help really drive consumer awareness for our homegrown blooms.

What other examples are you finding? Leave a comment or send me your cell phone photos.

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2 thoughts on “See How Our Farms Are Waving The Flag For American Grown Flowers During July

  1. If food farmers are meeting the physical needs of the humans the flower growers are fulfilling the spiritual needs of the humans always reminding that natures cration of flowers is the food of soul. Long live such efforts. I am a professional horticulturist and love such programs

    • Thank you Uppal! Your support is appreciated! There is a movement afoot within the United States to provide more American Grown Flowers to consumers who are asking for them. Our flower farming families are working harder then ever to provide them. Cheers!