Purveyors of Joy

This is a guest post by Bill Prescott, Marketing Communications Associate for Sun Valley Floral Farms. Bill is responsible for Sun Valley’s social media platform, blogging and multi-media communications.

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“I have never seen a consumer receive flowers, and not be happy.”


Sun Valley’s Lane DeVries with a happy customer

These words were spoken by Sun Valley’s Lane DeVries as we were filming a short video about our farm.  Lane’s inspired quote really sums up our whole industry in a nutshell.  What are flower farmers if not purveyors of joy? This is what we bring to the table. This is why we work so hard.

As we welcome the New Year, it is a time of reflection on the past and a time to take a hard look at the future. Right now the promise of the American Grown flower movement has never been stronger. In an unprecedented act of cooperation and communication, flower farmers across America are getting together to let consumers know that domestically grown flowers are available and truly a better choice.

Farms ranging from the biggest little state in the Union, Rhode Island, to the actual biggest state in the Union, Alaska, are getting onboard. Florida, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, Maryland and of course California are also taking the adage made famous by John F. Kennedy, “A rising tide, floats all boats” and working together to raise the awareness of domestically grown flowers. This will come to fruition in the form of a logo, which farms will have the opportunity to utilize to differentiate their flowers from others on the market. Now more than ever consumers want to buy local, they want to buy American and they especially love to know who is producing the products in their home.


Farmers Alberto Arroyo, Lane DeVries and Gerrit Vanderkooy inspect a crop

In the age of social media, it’s a given that you can find who grew your food or your flowers. This is an age of transparency and this bodes really well for American flower growers. We are happy to stand up and say, “I grew your flowers!” We are proud of our farms, of our employees and of the communities we support and in turn the communities that support us. We share in the American dream, we work closely with the earth and we welcome dirt under our fingernails.

The increasing consumer demand for farmers markets, CSAs and sustainably grown initiatives is proof that more and more people aren’t looking for their food or flowers to come through a “Port of Entry” or be subject to border inspections or high level trade negotiations. They want their food and their flowers to be as local as possible.  American Grown means grown by your neighbors and your friends all across this nation. Whether it’s stunning foliage varieties from Florida, lilacs in Oregon or proteas growing in Southern California, we have the resources and the capacity to grow the flowers you need right here in the United States.

The effort and the labor we put into our craft has a singular goal. It is ironic that flower farmers endure through rainy wet cold days, simmering hot sweaty days, bumper years and slim years, all to bring people joy. That’s what American flower farmers do, and when we see the smiles that come from receiving flowers, we know we’ve done our job.

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2 thoughts on “Purveyors of Joy

  1. An awesome call to action Bill! Thanks for sharing your vision, the Sun Valley Group’s Vision and the California Cut Flower Commission’s vision! I’m glad to say I’m part of the movement with you, side-by-side. Let’s put more American grown flowers on every table, one vase at a time!