Prayers For Florida As Irma Approaches

Florida's Flower Farmers Face The Real Threat of Another Hurricane

It’s hard to believe it was just last year when we watched as Hurricane Matthew blew through Florida, causing tremendous loss and billions of dollars in damage. In the floral industry, Florida is recognized as the fern and foliage capital of the United States, and the fern farms there were hit hard.

Acres and acres of shade cloth was destroyed during Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Hurricane Matthew left 60 to 90 percent of fern farms reporting damage, calling it the “most damaging hurricane in recent history.”

So, as Hurricane Irma bears down and Floridians prepare for the worst, our thoughts and prayers go out to our flower and fern farming community in Florida. With so many hours and dollars spent on the recovery and repair from Matthew, we are praying that Irma fades away into a tropical mist and spares these farms from another destructive weather event.

No matter what happens, America’s flower farmers continue to stand with our fellow flower and fern farmers in Florida.

As a symbol of solidarity, America’s flower and greens farmers stood with Florida fern farmer David Register of FernTrust (back row, center), dedicating an all-American Grown American flag to the fern farmers of Florida at the 2016 Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association (WFFSA) conference after Hurricane Matthew.


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