Our Last Day in China

Trade Mission Proved To Be a Valuable Opportunity

On our last day in China, we traveled to a couple of wholesale flower marts. The first one was found in what appeared to be an abandoned shopping mall. Flower wholesalers have moved in and taken up residence in the the old shops.

Shanghai wholesale flower market in an abandoned mall.

For the most part, the flowers we found here were in pretty poor shape. Lots of lilies. Lots of roses and carnations. I saw a cart full of gerbera daisies stacked on each other. Care and handling or anything resembling post-harvest care or a cold chain was hard to come by.

They did have gerbera daisies in China. We didn’t see many, but this was largest amount I saw in one place.

We had a great meeting with one of the wholesale importers who was encouraged by what our farms produced. Ms. May had her own translator, Catherine, who also helped teach our farms about the importance of WeChat for the China Floral industry.

We met with Ms. May, an importer who was very interested in how she could import American Grown Flowers.

Our last wholesale market seemed to have better quality flowers than the first, but not by much.

Translating during our meetings did take some time, but pictures of our flowers really helped to inspire the discussions.

We visited a number of wholesale markets, retail markets and florists shops that were also doing e-commerce sales, but only one mass-market grocery store that sold flowers.

We wrapped up our trip with a nice dinner on the river in downtown Shanghai. It was a great way to end a very productive tour through the Chinese flower industry.

On our last night in China, we watched the sun go down while having dinner on the river. It was a fitting end to this exploratory trip to learn about the China flower market.

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