My No. 1 Blog Post in 2016 …

It surprised me, too!

Well, as Google would have it, my most widely read blog post for Field Position in 2016 was written in 2013.

Why I Fly with Flowers & You Should, Too,” takes the top spot for the most unique page visits.


Why is this post the most popular post three years after it was written?

That’s a great question. But I’m not exactly sure what the answer is.

However, recognizing that people are still reading posts I wrote three years ago, I have recommitted time and made it a priority to blog more often in 2017. Blogging is a great resource for people to access information about the Cut Flower Commission, Certified American Grown Flowers, all of our efforts and what we represent as an organization.

P.S. – “They Grow Flowers in Alaska?” was No. 3!

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