Martha Stewart Features the American Grown Field To Vase Dinner Tour

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Over the past couple year’s, the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour has enjoyed some remarkable publicity. The Wall Street Journal highlighted it in the “Top 50” things for the summer of 2015. Food and Wine Magazine called it the “Ultimate Al Fresco Dinner Party” and Sunset Magazine has made a number of mentions of the tour, including co-hosting one of our dinners in Sonoma last year.

Now add this month’s mention by Martha Stewart to the list of examples of national media attention the tour is creating for our farms.

An excerpt from the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour feature on

After all, that’s what this tour is about. It’s about inspiring a conversation and a different way of thinking about the flowers we buy. Yes, it is beautiful. Yes, the flower farms are amazing. Yes, the food is wonderful. But what makes this tour special is what it stands for, the cause it represents and the efforts being made to raise the profile on why buying American Grown Flowers is important.

Depending on the farm, seating at our dinners is limited to somewhere between 100 and 150 people. This year, we’ll host seven dinners. So, at the most, we’re going to be hosting just over 1,000 people. That might not sound like a lot enough people for a national campaign.

But it is.

Each attendee becomes an ambassador for the cause. They all leave recognizing that this was more than a dinner, that there’s more that can be done, and they help us champion the message. Combine that with the earned media the dinners continue to generate and we then have hundreds of thousands of people learning about the tour, reading about what we’re doing and engaging with us on social media. We can see from the Martha Stewart example that there has already been 232 shares of the article on their website since it was published. We love that.

For all of these reasons, the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour is invaluable and a tremendous way for our farms to share why origin matters and what a difference it makes when you buy flowers that are guaranteed to be American Grown.

Of course, I also recommend that you try and be one out of a thousand that experience the dinner for yourself.

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