Let’s Celebrate California Grown Flowers All Month Long

June is California Grown Flowers Month

On Thursday, California’s Senate and Assembly will announce June as California Grown Flowers Month.

The tradition of recognizing California Grown Flowers by the state’s lawmakers is in its third year, helping to highlight the value California’s flower farmers bring to their communities and the economy.

Here at the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC), we will be celebrating all month long, highlighting farms and thanking designers, retailers and consumers for featuring that little blue and gold license plate on their flowers.

CDFA Secretary Karen Ross (center) joined our farms during this year’s reception in Sacramento, helping to kick of June as California Grown Flowers Month.

Origin does matter. Like the food on their plates, more and more people want to know where their flowers are grown. There are many reasons buying flowers from California does make a difference. Buying flowers grown here in the United States not only helps the economy and provides jobs, but there are quality and environmental considerations that make California Grown Flowers a natural choice for flower lovers.

Wear your button with pride! June is California Grown Flowers Month!

California’s flower farmers represent the largest group of licensees for the Buy California Marketing Agreement that manages the California Grown program. Millions of stems of flowers are labeled CA Grown and can be found in wholesale and retail coolers across the country. You can find them by looking for the blue-and-gold license plate on the sleeve.

We are going to be launching a fun contest via social media on Thursday to help celebrate all month long. So stay tuned for more news and more featuring of California Grown Flowers.

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