Keep Voting For America!

On Tuesday, California Congressman Tom McClintock posted on his Facebook page, “One thing has never failed us is times such as these. It is the American people, awakening from their slumber, rising up and demanding through the votes they cast that their elected officials either honor and obey the Constitution or get the hell out of our government.

Keep Voting

While McClintock is known for his hardline conservatism, what bothered me about this statement was the suggestion that we Americans are in some sort of slumber between election cycles.

I don’t think so.

I believe we’re well aware of what’s happening and what’s at stake.

And just because the polling places are closed it doesn’t mean that our efforts for a better America is over.

In fact, electing representatives to serve us in office is really just a small (but important) part of the equation for turning things around for our country. Most of the change our country desperately needs is dependent on the daily decisions made by individuals; you and me. It is going to be the decisions like those we make with our wallet. I’ve heard it said that if you want to know what a person cares about, just look at where they put there money. And everyday we are voting…with our dollars.

Where do you put your money?  Are you voting for America?

Don’t let Congressman McClintock be right about you. Stay vigilant. Get creative. Be disciplined.

Buy American.

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