I Fly With Flowers and Niesha Does, Too!

The 'Fly-With-Flowers' Challenge

Following our most recent American Grown Field to Vase Dinner in Carlsbad, California, at The Flower Fields, I challenged our social media guru Niesha Blancas to fly with flowers. She’d read my blog posts on the topic, and somehow it came up as we were working together to prepare for our sold-out dinner crowd.

I said, “You should try it.”

She hesitated.

“Come on … trust me. Do it once and you’ll be addicted. It’s so fun. I challenge you to fly with flowers.”

So, she did!

Niesha with her lucky flight attendant.

The photos she texted me Friday morning confirmed she had accomplished the challenge.  I texted back, “How do you feel?”

She said, “My soul feels happy.”

Niesha’s experience was fun to see and was affirming as well. In the hustle and bustle of promoting and advocating on behalf of America’s flower farmers, watching the reaction you get from giving beautiful American Grown Flowers to someone “just because” is an encouraging reminder about what joy our farmers’ flowers bring to people everywhere.

The Fly With Flowers Challenge

So, I wanted to extend the challenge to anyone who wants to fly with flowers. It is a great way to spread good cheer and encourage those flight attendants who really do have a tough job dealing with all of us weary travelers. I would love to see a picture with you and your lucky flight attendant and then blog about your experience and any others that I receive photos from.

I flew home from Carlsbad with flowers too.

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