Floral Marketing: 2017 Outlook Report

"Could Trump Administration Help U.S.-Grown Flowers?"

Each year, I’m asked by Floral Marketing’s editor Richard Lutes to provide an outlook report and forecast for our domestic farms.

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Decisions by California’s Legislature and the governor will have some long-term consequences for our country’s largest farms. A $15 minimum wage will cause wages across the board to rise within companies, and the elimination of agriculture’s overtime exemption will decrease productivity and increase costs for flower farmers, putting them at an even further competitive disadvantage with flowers being imported from South America.

However, there is hope.

President Trump campaigned on a very nationalistic trade policy. In his inaugural address, he communicated that a “new vision will govern our land” and issued a new decree that would be “America First.”

What does that mean? Time will tell, but we will be working and advocating for this administration to take the time to review and consider the trade imbalance our farms have experienced in growing flowers in this country.

My complete outlook can be found on the Produce News website here: Outlook 2017: Could Trump administration help U.S.-grown flowers?

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