Field to Vase, A Documentary

Short film highlights the values and virtues of buying and supporting local American Grown Flowers

I hope everyone has had a chance to watch the film that was released on Friday that features one of our stops on the Field to Vase Dinner Tour that was held at California Pajarosa in June.

Haejung Kim and Hyunsoo Moon, a Los Angeles based husband and wife team, did an amazing job interpreting the “why” and telling the local American Grown Flowers story in such a compelling way, its nearly impossible not to feel moved by their work and the cause.

This video provides such an emotionally compelling piece that clearly communicates the value and virtues on buying and sourcing local American Grown Flowers.

It’s honest, authentic and transparent and is a tremendous resource to share with friends and family and those who may not have joined us on the Field to Vase dinner tour.

In fact, after its release, I received an email from a person who said:

“I finally got to watch the video this morning and it brought tears to my eyes!! What a great way to really send our message to the public and our customers… I was totally impressed and inspired!”

Impressed by the quality of Haejung and Moon’s work and their artistic interpretation of the cause that is local American Grown Flowers, I felt much the same way the first time I saw it and I hope you will share this inspirational piece with everyone you know.

Please share this film with your friends, family; anyone you believe would want to know the story behind America’s flower farmers and their flowers.


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