David VanWingerden Highlights the Resourcefulness, Resilience of America’s Flower Farmers

Open House Interview Shows Off the Beauty, Encourages Consumer Support

Click to watch David VanWingerden share his passion and commitment for growing flowers in California.

David VanWingerden of Westland Orchids, a Certified American Grown flower farm, went on camera with Santa Barbara’s local KEYT during the 9th annual Carpinteria Greenhouse and Nursery Tour and did a great job highlighting the resourcefulness and resilience of flower farmers in the face of tough competition from foreign imports.

The news clip also captures what we know people think when they walk through the greenhouse doors of one of our flower farms. One of the attendees says, “The beauty is just indescribable. To walk through this farm and see this is a ‘wow’ experience.”

Open house guests enjoying their day touring flower farms in Carpinteria Valley.

Public tours were started nine years ago to help people see what was “growing on” inside the greenhouses up and down the coast of California. The CCFC helps to orchestrate both the Carpinteria Farm Tours in April and the Monterey Bay Greenhouse Open House in June. These farms tours got started because of the unique opportunity our domestic farms have to invite consumers onto their farms to share with them the flower-growing process and why it’s important to seek and support flowers grown in California and the United States.

Origin matters, and once consumers have the chance to meet a real flower farmer and are presented with the facts about where the majority of flowers sold in the U.S. are coming from, we win. Attendees leave convinced and supportive of buying American. The tours make a difference.

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