CCFC Helps Bring the California Culture to Inauguration Luncheon

California State Society's Presidential Luncheon Celebrate's the State's Culture

CCFC Chair Diana Roy with Andrea Gagnon of Lynnvale Studios and me on the stage at the California State Society’s Presidential Inauguration Luncheon.

Thank you to our California flower farmers who helped provide the California Cut Flower Commission with the flowers needed to make the Presidential Inauguration Luncheon for the California State Society a beautiful one. The theme of this year’s Inauguration Luncheon was “A Celebration of California Culture.” Obviously, flowers are a big part of California’s culture and economy, so the CCFC did its part to represent that culture by bringing together some amazing California Grown Flowers for people to see and enjoy.

CCFC Chair Diana Roy with Andrea Gagnon during the luncheon’s reception.

Displayed with little place cards highlighting their CA Grown origins, the flowers were appreciated by the members of Congress and fellow Californian’s in attendance.

Virtually all of the centerpieces walked out the door with the luncheon’s guests.

A big thank you also goes to Certified American Grown flower farmer and floral designer Andrea Gagnon of LynnVale Studios for her beautiful design work for the event. Gagnon worked with Anna Kalins on sourcing all of the flowers needed to fulfill our obligation the State Society.

Thank you to the following farms for contributing all of the beautiful California Grown Flowers for this great sponsorship opportunity with the California State Society’s Inauguration Luncheon. With the California Wine Institute and Western Growers also sponsoring, we were in good company.

  • Dramm & Echter
  • Myriad Flowers
  • Westland Orchids
  • Mellano & Co.
  • Holland America Flowers
  • Joseph & Sons 
  • Pyramid Flowers 
  • Resendiz Brothers Protea
  • Sun Valley Floral Farms 
  • Ocean View Flowers 
  • Green Valley Floral 

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