An Incredible Kick-Off

Arcata Field To Vase Kicks Tour Off With A Sold Out Crowd

Last week’s dinner at Sun Valley Floral Farms was a beautiful start to a tour that continues to help communicate the stories and value of our American flower farms.

A beautiful table of tulips, surrounded by 1.4M tulips growing in the greenhouse, awaited guests.

And this dinner was oversold!
In fact, we were going to have to add two chairs at either end to fit 152. By the day of the dinner there was a wait list of people and I was told that we had people asking us to call them and let us know if there were any no shows. Everybody showed.

And The Tour Begins!

The 2016 American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour

Have you ever imagined what having a four-course meal prepared by an talented chef in the middle of a flower field might be like?

AY_AGF_F2V_Map_Dates-01What started as a simple effort to draw people into the conversation about where flowers come from by inviting them to the flower farm, has now become a national tour in its second year.

In 2015, the tour crisscrossed the country, giving people a one-of-a-kind opportunity to attend a pop-up style dinner on an American flower farm. This, of course, is significant, not just because

Because It Made A Difference

American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Ends In Detroit

The 2015 Field to Vase Dinner Tour ended on Saturday, but on the highest of notes.

Lisa Waud unveils her plans to develop a future flower farm on the grounds of The Flower House.

Lisa Waud unveils her plans to develop a future flower farm on the grounds of The Flower House.

Pairing the American Grown Flower House project in Detroit with our Field to Vase Dinner Tour was perfect. 

As we prepared and procured flowers for Lisa Waud’s project, I spoke to many people who wanted to understand this project, the attention it was getting and the “why.” 

Have You Seen These Amazing Field to Vase Photos From Portland?

We Found Portland Love For Local American Grown Flowers


Last week’s dinner at Oregon Flowers was a wonderful example of what the Certified American Grown tour represents. An authentic experience on a Certified American Grown flower farm, celebrating American Grown flowers.


Guests were treated to a stunning floral installation and design by Elizabeth Artis of Espe Floral + Foliage and an amazing Pacific Northwest dinner by