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Before I left on vacation, I blogged about the #CaGrown hashtag. Then, in reviewing my blog “history,” I found the one below from a few years ago. The message remains the same – “What are you doing to advance the ‘CA Grown’ message?”  If you haven’t already instituted these, why not?  If you have, what success are you seeing?

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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.– Henry Ford

Ford’s quote captures the most basic effort and focus underway by any organization or association working to improve conditions within its sphere. Over the past several years, the CCFC has been able to see this “coming together” on many fronts, efforts and projects and now are working towards that success. However, more can be done, with more coming together.

Each month, the CCFC requests that growers update or submit their grower profiles to staff. This month we are asking for a little more. Consider volunteering just 30 minutes of your time each month to the CCFC. This does not mean you need to pick up the phone to see what needs to be done (although we wouldn’t turn that down). Instead, its a request for all California flower farms to consider:

“What have you done to advance the California Grown Flower message?”

The strength of advancing the increased consumption of California flowers by customers or consumers will only be advanced by the “working together” of California flower farms that recognize the importance of pushing a coordinated message forward to the industry and consumers. The Commission certainly provides the necessary framework, but taking 30 minutes each month, individually or as a company, to consider what you can do to help spread the word about California as a growing region for cut flowers would make a big difference in helping educate the 80% of people who do not know where their flowers come from. This is no more that one minute a day for a month, then repeat!

Being a part of the California Grown Flower team means that you set aside your personal business interests, your brand, and think about a nation of consumers that would prefer to buy California Grown Flowers 55% of the time, if they only knew to ask!

So, what are we talking about here? What kind of things can you do? Consider these suggestions to start:

  • submit your grower profile (we’ve gone over this one)
  • add the CA Grown* logo to your email signature
  • add the CA Grown* logo to your website
  • add the CA Grown* logo to your company’s newsletter
  • ensure that the CA Grown* logo is on all of your future advertising
  • buy CA Grown t-shirts for your staff to wear on Fridays
  • post a Facebook message on your wall about the importance of buying California Grown Flowers
  • send the CCFC photos of your farm, fields, flowers, etc.

If you complete all of the above, then call us, we’ve even got more you can do. Working together to communicate the value and importance of buying CA Grown, even through family and friends, will go a long way in expanding the opportunities and sales that await consumers who want to know where their flowers come from. Together we can help answer that question.

* You must be a licensee of the Buy California Marketing agreement to use the CA Grown brand and servicemark.  CA Grown is a registered servicemark of the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the Buy California Marketing Agreement.  To become a licensee, please visit: http://www.californiagrown.org/licensing/licensing_signup.asp

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