An Incredible Kick-Off

Arcata Field To Vase Kicks Tour Off With A Sold Out Crowd

Last week’s dinner at Sun Valley Floral Farms was a beautiful start to a tour that continues to help communicate the stories and value of our American flower farms.

A beautiful table of tulips, surrounded by 1.4M tulips growing in the greenhouse, awaited guests.

And this dinner was oversold!
In fact, we were going to have to add two chairs at either end to fit 152. By the day of the dinner there was a wait list of people and I was told that we had people asking us to call them and let us know if there were any no shows. Everybody showed.

It was amazing.

Sun Valley’s Lane DeVries spoke to the farms beginnings and their passion for growing flowers in Arcata.

Lane and his team did an outstanding job preparing for our guests and providing everyone with a tour of the flower farm.

A beautiful archway and tablescape designed by Faye Krause of Flora Organica awaited our guests.

Guests were surrounded by Sun Valley’s tulips, both in the field, on the table and above the table. Faye and her floral design team also designed this beautiful floral wall of iris that was used for lots of group photography.

Lane with the team from Safeway standing in front of the floral wall of iris. Safeway was a regional sponsor of the dinner in Arcata.

The dinner seemed to have endless amount of highlights, but I certainly appreciated the opportunity to finally meet Amy Stewart in person. Amy’s book “Flower Confidential” has been an inspiration to so many people that I have met in this position, people who have started floral farms after reading her book. In fact, Amy shared how she herself meets people who tell her the same.

Left to right] Bill Prescott, Amy Stewart, me and Debra Prinzing.

Amy’s comments highlighted her appreciation for the effort underway to encourage consumers to buy more American Grown Flowers.

Floral Designer Faye Krause inspires guests with her gift of floral design.

What separates these dinners from the rest of the “Farm to Fork” movement is its focus on the flowers. Faye and her design team took that focus to another level and did an outstanding job helping us tell the story of the American flower farmer and the value they place on buying local American Grown Flowers.  The hanging tulips, the centerpieces, the archway and the floral wall made for an amazing evening of food, wine and flowers.

Stargazer Barn was the evening’s wine sponsor. Did you know that some of Stargazer Barn’s wine is made from the oldest wine grape in Humboldt County?


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