#AgDay Makes Social Impression in Sacramento

Tweeting, Posting, Delivering the Message that ‘California Grown’ Matters

Armed with their passion, their stories and the Twitter hashtag #AgDay, farmers from across the country celebrated National Agriculture Day and communicated the value of American Agriculture brings to the economy and our communities on March 19th.

On March 20th, California Agriculture celebrated Ag Day on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento.  The Commission and the California State Floral Association co-sponsored the floral booth, featuring the bounty of “CA Grown” flowers and sharing the important economic impact that the floral industry has on the state’s economy.

The "CA Grown" logo continues to represent a powerful message to both lawmakers and consumers. Are you labeling your sleeves?

CSFA’s Executive Director Ann Quinn organized all of the industry and student volunteers to help ensure that the California flower booth was another big hit and that all of the “CA Grown” flower bouquets were delivered to members of the legislature.

CDFA Secretary Karen Ross, proudly wearing her "CA Grown" button, during her remarks at Ag Day in Sacramento

CDFA Secretary Karen Ross provided the official remarks from the Brown administration, highlighting the importance of celebrating AgDay and the significant role California’s family farms plays in producing safe and healthy food, both nationally and internationally.

“This annual effort is an important opportunity for California’s agriculture community to work together to promote itself and highlight its significance,” explained CCFC CEO/Ambassador Kasey Cronquist.  “Working with Ann Quinn and her team at CSFA to showcase our industry on the steps of the Capitol, is just another opportunity for us to explain why California’s flowers are America’s flowers.”


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