29 Farms Provided Over 200,000 Stems in 2016

Almost $70,000 in Wholesale Value

As we roll into the new year, it’s important to look back and take stock of what was accomplished in 2016. One of the efforts we put forth every year that’s easily overlooked is what our farms provide to the CCFC in order to support industry events, community projects and promotion opportunities. In the office, we call these our “procurement projects.” These are the projects that require us to reach out, organize, request and collect flowers from our farms to send to an event, project or promotional opportunity. No small task.

Some of our contributions reflect years of tradition, like the Society of American Florists Sylvia Cup Competition or the Cal Poly Universities Rose Float. Other efforts help to encourage college students to consider floriculture as a career. In 2016, we were proud to have the opportunity to work with the Certified American Grown program and the Congressional Club to provide flowers for the last First Lady’s Luncheon for Michelle Obama.

The contribution of these flowers really helped raise the profile of our farms and California Grown Flowers and to encourage future support for our farmers and their flowers. It also helps offset our annual promotion budget; using flowers to help us accomplish projects and provide support for events that we could not otherwise afford. It’s a win-win when all of the pieces can come together for these different opportunities throughout the year.

This year, we had 29 farms provide over 200,000 stems of flowers for 46 different projects. The wholesale value of these flowers was almost $70,000.

Of course that figure doesn’t reflect the value that’s created once a designer gets their hands on these beautiful blooms. At that point, the dollar value of the farms’ contribution grows exponentially. A big thank you goes out to all of those designers who worked their magic with our California Grown Flowers, designing and creating amazing arrangements and installations.

Floral designers like Kit Wertz (left) and Casey Schwartz (right) of  Flower Duet in Los Angeles did an amazing job of creating a beautiful tablescape at the Field to Vase Dinner at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad.

CCFC’s Anna Kalins manages the Commission’s procurement projects.

We could not accomplish all of this without the support of our farms and Anna Kalins who is responsible for our procurement projects. So, I want to thank Anna and our farms for helping us reach more people than ever before in 2016 through our procurement projects.

Thank you to the following farms for helping us accomplish a year of meaningful and engaging activities:

  1. B&H Flowers
  2. California Pajarosa
  3. CamFlor
  4. Creekside Farms
  5. Dramm & Echter 
  6. Eufloria Roses
  7. Ever-Bloom
  8. Farmers West
  9. Glad-A-Way
  10. Green Valley Floral 
  11. Calla Co.
  12. Hilltop Flowers
  13. Holland America Flowers 
  14. Johannes Flowers 
  15. Joseph & Sons
  16. Kendall Farms
  17. Kitayama Brothers 
  18. Maximum
  19. Mellano & Company
  20. Mobi’s
  21. Myriad Flowers
  22. Neve II
  23. Ocean Breeze
  24. Ocean View Flowers
  25. Pyramid Flowers
  26. Resendiz Brothers Protea
  27. The Sun Valley Group
  28. Westland Floral
  29. Westland Orchids 

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