Setting the Table in Washington, D.C.

Meetings in Advance of Meetings Make for Better Meetings


This week, CCFC Chair Diana Roy of Resendiz Brothers Protea and I traveled to Washington, D.C., together to meet with members of the new Congress and their staffs to discuss some of our goals and objectives for 2017. With a new administration and a lot of new members in key flower-farming regions around the country, it was an important opportunity to

The 2017 American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour

Don't Wait! Save Your Seats Today!

Today, the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour reveals the schedule of flower farm dinners for 2017.

In its third year, this year’s tour will be the best tour yet, criss-crossing the county, stopping at the most beautiful flower farms in the United States.

Author Amy Stewart of Flower Confidential helped us kick off last year’s tour at Sun Valley Floral Farms and has been quoted saying,

“The Field to Vase dinner was, quite honestly, the most extraordinary event I’ve ever attended in Humboldt County. Everyone came with a spirit of adventure, ready to traipse through the greenhouses in all their farm-chic elegance on a behind-the-scenes tour, before settling in for a fantastic gourmet meal. It is such a joy to rally around local flower farmers and make new friends! It was an unforgettable night that people here are still talking about.”

These dinners represent an exclusive opportunity to experience life on an American flower farm and to learn why Certified American Grown Flowers matter. Of course, everyone goes home with armloads of farm fresh flowers, too!

Who knew these swag bags would be so popular.

Make sure you save your seats right away, and I’ll see you for dinner on a flower farm in 2017!

A Seattle Wedding Show Shoutout From Safeway’s Debi Lilly

Lifestyle Expert Attributes Her Style to 'American Grown' and 'Field to Vase'

Lifestyle, event and floral-design expert Debi Lilly posted a message on Facebook that caught our attention over the weekend.

Debi Lilly highlights her “American Grown” and “Field to Vase” style during her appearance at the Seattle Wedding Show over the weekend.

From the floor of the Seattle Wedding Show, Debi Lilly, who works for Albertsons and Safeway/Vons as their design expert, highlighted her work over the weekend as “American Grown” and “Field to Vase” in style.

Look for the Certified American Grown logo when you buy your flowers. It makes a difference. #CertifiedMatters

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as our team prepares to launch the 2017 American Grown Field to Vase Dinner tour. The fantastic social media message highlights the influence and attention-getting power these Field to Vase dinners have to elevate the awareness and consciousness of the American Grown Flower movement.

Thanks, Debi!

And stay tuned! We’re about to announce the tour schedule for 2017!

Planning a California Grown Valentine’s Day? We Want To Talk To You!

Are You Planning to Source, Sell California Grown Flowers This Valentine's Day?


Contact us and share your marketing plans!

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is almost here again. This year, we’re looking to highlight floral designers and florists who will be making a point of offering California Grown Flowers. We really want to talk to designers who are going to be marketing California Grown Flowers, specifically. We often receive calls and questions about how to source and find California Grown Flowers, and we want to be able to share your examples of people dedicated to California Grown Flowers this Valentine’s Day.

We also want to write about you and do some social media highlighting your work in advance of the big day.

If this is you, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

CCFC Sponsors California State Society’s Inauguration Luncheon

California Grown Flowers to Adorn Tables During Inauguration Events

California Grown Flowers will take center table during this year’s California State Society’s Inauguration Luncheon on Thursday in Washington, D.C. The CCFC and the Wine Institute are once again sponsoring the California flowers and wine, respectively, for the Society’s luncheon January 19.

Thank you to the following farms for contributing flowers to this special event:

  • Green Valley Floral
  • Myriad Flowers
  • Dramm & Echter
  • Mellano & Co.
  • Ocean View Flowers
  • Westland Orchids
  • Holland America Flowers 
  • Joseph & Sons 
  • Pyramid Flowers
  • Resendiz Brothers Protea
  • Sun Valley Floral Farms

CCFC Chair Diana Roy and I will be attending the event to represent our California farms and flowers.

Be sure you register to join us in Washington, D.C., during our annual fly-in, Feb. 28 – March 2.

Register Here!


We Reached Thousands Of Consumers During Post Parade Event

Rose Parade Floats Draw Thousands After the Big Show

This year’s Rose Parade efforts to promote California Grown Flowers didn’t end when the parade was over.

In fact, besides the thousands of consumers who come early to see the floats being decorated, even more people come to the

VIDEO: Farmers Encouraging Farmers To Go To Washington

Advocating for Change

Last year’s delegation was one of our largest, if not the largest group of farmers we took to Washington, D.C. It was a great group and their advocacy made a difference.

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Over the year’s, flower farmers across the country have worked together to establish a dedicated group of representatives in the House who acknowledge their care and support for America’s flower farmers through their membership in the Congressional Cut Flower Caucus. We’ve also helped to significantly raise the

A Beautiful Album of Effort From the Rose Parade

Our Farmers, Our Flowers, and Certifying California Grown Floats

Officiated by Secretary Karen Ross, Cal Poly’s float was Certified California Grown. Cal Poly’s float went on to win the Founder’s Trophy.

We recently loaded up an album of beautiful images taken by Linda Blue of our time at the Rose Parade in Pasadena last week. Each year, we have Linda capture the efforts our farmers serving as ambassadors, the flowers going onto the floats, and of course the certification ceremonies with California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross.

Mike Crosby of Mellano & Co talks with people about flower farming in California and the Cal Poly float.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since the parade, but I encourage you to